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Stirling’s Halloween Lantern Parade – FREE!
Sat 2 Nov, 5-8pm

Fun, free lantern parade with entertainment. Ideal for families.




In the past paganism and traditional medicine have often been suspected of providing a coven for witchcraft by the authorities. This led to witch trials which resulted in the executions of thousands of innocent men and women across Europe. An expert panel looked at the facts behind early modern witchcraft and current Wiccans at Stirling's Tolbooth on 24 October.

People could often get in trouble for falsely accusing others of witch craft than for actual witch craft itself.

But there were witches, or rather there were people who practised folk medicine who might have been a bit strange or who had secret knowledge (remember there was no NHS in those times). Sometime these people, mostly  women, fell foul of their neighbours and were accused of worshipping the Devil, and were tortured into confessing it.

Witches Craig Stirling History

The ruins of the nearby Logie Kirk (Church) date back to 1178 and today is an eerie place filled with mystery. It is said that a coven of witches was based in the hills behind the kirk, the most prominent of whom is Carly Crag, or the Witches Craig.
An eighteenth-century minister at Logie is said to have spotted the Devil dancing there with his witches; the Devil was given away by the cloven hooves he was unable to hide.
Althought, there was also another version, this was, someone shot at the devil, during the dancing, using a silver coin but in the morning all that was found ther was an old woman's pet goat. 


Do you remember?

Those big kids with long memories will remember witches from Scotalnd's Halloween of the 60's and 70's, children went around guisin, clothes on backwards, soot on their faces and the stink of a turnip lantern while it slowly burned!

Witches and monster soon came along with the American version of guisin, called trick-or-treating.

Not just Women, Men too.


The Witching Hour – A Showcase of Stirling’s Witching History

An exhibition of excerpts from Stirling Archive’s ecclesiastical records, showcasing the reporting of suspected Witches in Stirling. These are digitised records blown up to poster size and mounted. The records were accompanied by an explanation/translation by Pam McNicol – Stirling Council Archivist.

The Gallery also contained a digital display of ‘The Names of Witches in Scotland, 1658 ’, thanks to The Wellcome Collection.

Local artist Dawn McLaren  showed 3 pieces at the exhibition.  Dawn’s work draws inspiration from Paganism, Spirituality and the ‘natural realm’.

Artists Website:

Halloween Hauntings at Stirling Old Town Jail

Ghosts, Witches, Curses, Torture….Fiendish Fun for ALL the Family!

Live Halloween performance tours at Stirling Old Town Jail with tales of spooky crimes, punishments and local myths and legends told through the ghosts of Stirling’s past with a few spooky surprises along the way.

If you’ve got it, haunt it! Prizes for best Halloween fancy dress.